Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm all a Flurry.......Frosted Flurries Apron Swap!


Surprise, Surprise - I've joined the Frosted Flurries (love the theme name) Apron Swap hosted by the lovely Shawnee!   I've really been looking forward to this swap and I can't wait to get my partner info.  This swap is really going to get me into the Christmas spirit - I can't wait to start!  As the theme suggests we have to include a Snowflake somewhere on the apron....super cute idea!

There is a little twist with this swap - instead of including random christmassy "tuck-ins" this time we have to choose a word of the season - eg. Faith, Joy, Hope etc. and find extras that start with each letter of the word we choose. Like....if I chose the word "STAR" I might send my partner a Stocking, Tinsle, Apricot jam, RedRibbon......

hmmm ....I am having trouble deciding on a good word though.....let me know if you have any ideas for what word I should use and/or tuck-in ideas. X

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