Thursday, November 25, 2010

Small Fox Ornament Swap - Part 2

These are my Little Lacey Angels that I made for the Small Fox Christmas Ornament Swap.  I think they turned out quite well in the end.  They look so cute all together - like a mini host.  I hope the other swappers like them.  They were lots of fun to make - I just used coster size doillies, wooden pegs, white felt for the dresses and heaps of glitter for a bit of Christmas *sparkle*.  .....hee hee, they even have glitter shoes - fancy!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Victorian Cuff Swap - Part 2

Lookie, lookie what I got!  This is the beautiful cuff that my new friend Robin made for me for the Victorian Cuff Swap.  These photos don't really do it justice -the detail is just amazing!  Thanks so much Robin, you are an inspiration xxx.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flirty Apron Swap - Back to the Future - Part 2

super cute hand covered buttons, hair pin and pendant (50s inspired)
OMG - raspberry print fabric!

a 'cuppa' on Jo! (future)
Roger Rabit  (from the 80s!)

So, I'm totally hopeless and it has taken me forever to post these pictures of the gorgeous apron that I received for the Back to the Future Apron Swap.  It was made for me by the lovely & talented JoJo from The Dodgy Housewife.....and look at all the other goodies she sent me - sooooooo spoilt!  Thanks Jo {love} xxx

Friday, November 12, 2010

I'm all a Flurry.......Frosted Flurries Apron Swap!


Surprise, Surprise - I've joined the Frosted Flurries (love the theme name) Apron Swap hosted by the lovely Shawnee!   I've really been looking forward to this swap and I can't wait to get my partner info.  This swap is really going to get me into the Christmas spirit - I can't wait to start!  As the theme suggests we have to include a Snowflake somewhere on the apron....super cute idea!

There is a little twist with this swap - instead of including random christmassy "tuck-ins" this time we have to choose a word of the season - eg. Faith, Joy, Hope etc. and find extras that start with each letter of the word we choose. Like....if I chose the word "STAR" I might send my partner a Stocking, Tinsle, Apricot jam, RedRibbon......

hmmm ....I am having trouble deciding on a good word though.....let me know if you have any ideas for what word I should use and/or tuck-in ideas. X

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

antipodes water company

drink chilled, drink often, live well

mmm...yummy.....  I just discovered antipodes water today.  It comes from Whakatane - Bay of Plenty, New Zealand where it is sourced 327 metres below the surface! .......hoohaa that's a long way down!  "This depth creates a pressure that ensures any seepage is outward rather than inward, eliminating contamination..."

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

AUDIOZEN .....Slumber.....zzz

AudioZen.....the name says it all. Download this free track for a sublimely serene tune that will have you feeling so chilled out.  Check out the website too for more beautiful music that will have you floating among the clouds. love.