Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Flirty Apron Swap - Back to the Future - Part 2

super cute hand covered buttons, hair pin and pendant (50s inspired)
OMG - raspberry print fabric!

a 'cuppa' on Jo! (future)
Roger Rabit  (from the 80s!)

So, I'm totally hopeless and it has taken me forever to post these pictures of the gorgeous apron that I received for the Back to the Future Apron Swap.  It was made for me by the lovely & talented JoJo from The Dodgy Housewife.....and look at all the other goodies she sent me - sooooooo spoilt!  Thanks Jo {love} xxx


Champagne Duchess said...

Love it! I may need your help with my Christmas apron swap! I am only a beginner sewer... Love you. xx

Signe said...

I love that apron and the raspberry print fabric is incredibly pretty :)

LOVE DOVE said...

Of course I will help, if you need it, my hunny! X