Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Christmas Swap Time

Yay......I can't wait to do this swap! 

  1. At LEAST One Handmade Item
  2. Something to Read (book, magazine, poem)
  3. Something for the Tree (garland, ornament, topper, skirt)
  4. Holiday Goody (candy, cocoa, tea, coffee, chocolate)
  5. Challenge: Include one gift for each letter needed to spell out a word from the season (SNOW, JOY, FAITH, LOVE, HOPE, GIFT, TREE, JESUS, STAR, SANTA, etc). We did this last year and it was SO MUCH FUN! Of course, the perfect gift for an "A" is an APRON.

Shawnee has requested that participants answer her questionnaire to help out out swap here are my answers...
Shawnee's Secret Santa Swap Questionnaire
    1.  What are your hobbies?
    Sewing, Cooking,
    2.  What are your favourite colours?
    Pink, Lilac, White, Taupe, Aqua, Melon, Aubergine
    3.  Do you collect anything?
     Not really
    4.  Are you allergic to any fibres or animals?
    5.  Do you have any pets?
    Yes!  two gorgeous fluffy doggies, Daisy & Hugo.
    6.  Coffee, Tea, or Chocolate?
    All of these!
    7.  What do you like to read?
    8.  Do you prefer Cookies or Candies as a sweet?
    9.  What is your favourite holiday treat?
     mmm so many - probably gingerbread
    10.  Describe your favourite holiday tradition.
    Sitting around the tree and opening our gifts
    11.  Did you believe in Santa as a child?
    12.  When do you open presents?
    We have a European background so half of our family’s pressies are opened on Christmas Eve and the other half on Christmas Day.
    13.  Do you put up a tree and when?  If not, how do you celebrate?
    I love putting up our tree - it's HUGE.  We decorate the tree and house on the 1st December so we can get the most enjoyment out of all our effort!
    14.  Does your tree have a theme?
    Yes, each year we have a different theme - this year I'm thinking maybe red & white
    15.  What has been your favourite gift to give?  to receive?
    My favourite gift to give is something that's hard to find or something special from overseas. I love receiving gifts that someone has put a lot of thought and love into especially for me.


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    Champagne Duchess said...

    I just signed up! Yaaaay. Christmas!