Sunday, August 29, 2010


I've done something quite crazy (I think)  I have made the pledge to make 2010 a totally Handmade Christmas!!  ....eeeeek.  I came across this challenge at the Knicky Knacks blog via Honey Jumble (super blog BTW) who has also taken the plunge. 

The idea is to buy and/or make handmade items only for all of your Christmas gifts.  It is quite exciting, if not a little nerve racking, and I think perhaps it's just the thing I need to keep the creative juices flowing!  Every week up until Christmas, on the Knicky Knacks blog, you are invited to share your projects, ideas, purchases etc. 
I will keep you posted on what I create over the next few months til Christmas......(this year is going too quickly!).....

.......and I invite you too to join in the Handmade Christmas Challenge!  Do let me know if you join up and we can panic together.......hee,hee,he... xxx

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Signe said...

Wow, that is quite a challenge to take on! I'm impressed :)