Sunday, August 1, 2010

First Ever Post...........eek!

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Hello and welcome to Love Dove blog!  This is my first ever post and I am really excited to have it up - finally.  First, a little about me: I was once a fashion designer, but for the last few years I have been working as an office assistant and.......I've had my fill!  I miss the creativity the most and I find that life has lost some sparkle since I stopped designing.  I've come to realise it is such a huge part of who I am (I have, however also realised in my little sojourn that fashion wasn't really my true love and that my passion has altered slightly into that of interior textiles).

I decided to start writing this blog to help get me back on my creative path.  After straying for a little while, it is time to get back into it and realise my dream of living a fantastically fulfilling and creative life - although I am finding it easier said than done.

I would LOVE any suggestions you might have, perhaps you might like to share some of your favourite crafty/artsy projects to help inspire me??  
So, on that note I invite you to follow me on what I hope to be super creative escapades (with a bit of everyday life thrown in for good measure)!

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F said...

I don´t speak english but I can read it so it´s so cute your first post. I love graphic design (I´m actually at the university) and I really want to start a personal blog too. I dont miss the creativity yet but I feel in the same way like you about the life.

So it was nice to read your first post because I'm a little afraid, and this post give some hopes :)

Oh!I hope you can read this message. (My redaction is awful, I know)
Anyway, kisses from the other part of the world!