Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cupcake Day for the RSPCA

image couresy of here.

One of the great loves of my life is my gorgeous doggie Daisy.  Another great love is making (and eating) CUPCAKES!  Now what do these two things have in common you might ask?  Well, my sister and I are raising money for the RSPCA though their Cupcake day scheme.

The Royal Society for the Provention of Cruely to Animals does AMAZING work for all creatures great and small so place an order for some super scrummy cupcakes (if you are in Sydney) or any kind of donation you can make would be just wonderful!

A little about the RSPCA:  Every year the RSPCA NSW cares for and protects our state's neglected, abused, injured and strayed animals.  Last year a staggering 46,558 animals came to the RSPCA NSW for help.  The RSPCA is NOT an agency of the Australian Government and therefore relies on the generosity of the community to continue its vital daily work.


Ruby and Belle said...

HI Camilla,
Welcome to Bloggy land.
I too am fairly new to blogging.
I also started out in fashion. Being also from Sydney I studied at Seaforth Tafe ( no longer open, showing my age) and later at UTS where I studied fashion and Textile.
I opened a Bridal Boutique in Newport on the Northern Beaches and after having my first baby continued to work from home.
I now have three kids and fell into the market game as something to do while they are little.
I was always a big crafty person, and tortured family and friends for years with hand made gifts.
Eventually I will open a shop again but will focus on homewares and would like to get back into textile printing etc.
You sound like me before I got married, single girl with a very cute little dog, who is just about to turn 13.
My suggestion is to try everything. Take some classes, quilting, screen printing, do up a few things and put them on etsy, apparently facebook is a hot spot for selling wares.
And get yourself a job in something that is closer to your passion. I had an office job once and I nearly died!!!
All the best, will stop rambling, now.
Looking forward to following your journey

LOVE DOVE said...

Hi Mekaela,

Thanks so much for your kind, encouraging words and advice - I really appreciate it! I am taking it all on board and hopefully I will be back on track in no time.
By the way - I LOVE your blog. The pictures are fantastic and your creations are just gorgeous!

Thanks again,
Camilla x